Greg & Sharrah Gervais


The Victory Church began in 2010 with a handful of people that were sent from their home church to start a new church in Southaven. Greg Gervais pioneered us through renting at the Landers Center to purchasing and renovating the Amazing Building we are now at – 8625 Hwy 51 in Southaven.

The Building used to be the Old City Court in Southaven. People used to come here to “Pay for their wrongs” & see what punishment was about to be received. Now they come to receive the blessing of God in forgiveness’ healing’ & a genuine restoration with God Himself because of the amazing Substitution Jesus did on the cross.

Greg is known to preach the Word of God as it was written and not through the lens of religion or culture. The true Word of God will awaken us to a better life and a more powerful church. God is calling us to grow in a heart for the lost and faith for healings and miracles. You are invited to be a part of this story as we see God do great things through each of us that brings Southaven alive in Christ.

Greg & Sharrah also have a pulse of people with real lives. Greg has a business he does part time along with pastor at the Victory Church in Southaven. Although he has a bachelor’s in Theology’ he has much experience in the trades & now business as well.

Both Greg & Sharrah are also parents of three beautiful children & although experience the blessing of children’ are aware of the struggles many face as parents in this generation.

Sharrah Gervais is the co-pastor of the Victory Church. She is a dynamic speaker with a heart for the body of Christ to be who God has called them to be.

Together Greg & Sharrah have a genuine passion for everyone to be saved’ healed’ encouraged’ fulfilled in their God-given purpose’ for everyone to be in a genuine’ & growing relationship with the Lord.